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Photo Shoot

We decided to update some of our pictures to look a bit more precessional, so we went out and did our own little photo shoot. We had a lot of fun doing it, and we hope you enjoy the pictures too! 


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With love,

The Black Sheep

Why I’m Studying Spanish

My current education path for the time being is a degree in the Spanish language. Some of people might ask, what is the use in that? What could you possibly use that for? Well, the straightforward answer is, I want to be bilingual. Short and simple. There are financial benefits to it of course as well, but one of my goals is to be able to help even more people in my life. By being able to speak two languages, I will have the opportunity to help those who speak English as well as those who speak only Spanish.

Besides being able to speak another language, I also learn about another culture. Sometime in the future, hopefully the near future, I hope to travel to Spain. My knowledge of another language will help me interact with the people living there. I will be able to communicate and learn and live in a culture other than my own.

I could list off all of the proven scientific benefits to being bilingual, and there are several, but these two are my top reasons for studying another language. I learned my first Spanish words in third grade, and now, going into my senior year of college, I am still learning how to use those words. I will always have more to learn, and I will continue to further my education and better myself through my education. I truly enjoy studying the Spanish language and culture, and look forward to sharing my knowledge with others.


Mi ruta actual de la educación por el momento, es un título en el idioma español. Algunas personas podrían preguntar, ¿cuál es el uso? ¿Para qué podría usar? La respuesta es facil, quiero ser bilingüe. Corto y simple. Hay beneficios financieros por supuesto también, pero uno de mis objetivos es ayudar a más personas en mi vida. Con la abilidad de hablar dos idiomas, voy a tener la oportunidad de ayudar a los que hablan Inglés, así como aquellos que sólo hablan español.

Además de ser capaz de hablar otro idioma, también puedo aprender sobre una otra cultura. En algún momento en el futuro, espero que pueda viajar a España. Mi conocimiento de otro idioma me ayudará a interactuar con las personas que viven allí. Voy a ser capaz de comunicarse y aprender y vivir en una cultura diferente a la mía.
Podría enumerar fuera de todos los beneficios científicos probados para ser bilingüe, y hay varios, pero estos dos son mis principales razones para estudiar otro idioma. Aprendí mis primeras palabras en español en el tercer grado, y ahora, entrado en mi último año de la universidad, todavía estoy aprendiendo cómo usar esas palabras. Siempre voy a tener más que aprender, y voy a continuar con mi educación. Verdaderamente me gusto el estudio de la lengua y la cultura española, y espero que pudiere compartir mis conocimientos con las otras personas.

You Might Be a Potterhead if…

…any of the following words or phrases hold significantly more meaning for you than it does for your Muggle counterparts:

Always. Obviously. Scared, Potter? Turn to page 394. Mischief managed. Swish and flick.


…you own Harry Potter merchandise; including, but not limited to, socks, blankets, mugs and replica wands and time turners.


…you have a designated Harry Potter bookshelf


…your heart broke on January 16, 2016.


…you’ve considered a Harry Potter tattoo.


…you’ve realized the Hogwarts school song is so much better than yours.


…you have no problem with a 19 hour 39 minutes movie marathon.


…you cry when ABC Family doesn’t have Harry Potter weekend.


…you’ve given someone a sock and declared them a free elf.


…your wedding plans include Harry Potter symbols


…you know that you could be killed, or worse, expelled, if you step out of line.


…you use Mudblood as an insult.


…JK Rowling is an inspiration to never give up on your dreams.


…you know that Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.



I’m Looking for Adventure, Not Love.

Be yourself. It’s the lesson a majority of us are taught from childhood. Luckily enough, I am able to follow my dreams and be myself at the same time! Currently I’m sitting on a beach blogging about life and love, and it’s fantastic. It’s a warm 85 degrees and my toes are in the sand.

My idea of adventure is getting on a plane, train, or ship, and doing something new. I’m looking for someone to come with me, not to hold me back and expect me to blog from home staring out the same window day after day. That’s not love. I need the freedom to go wherever I want, whenever I want. I need someone who wants to do that too.

Making it as a freelance blogger is hard. I need to know what to write and when to write it. In the end I know it’s worth it, because I got to be myself and do what I wanted to do. I get to travel and write about my experiences. I can look back at my old posts and see what I did, and that’s so cool.

An adventure with someone is so much better than an adventure alone, so I’m not looking for love. I’m looking for adventure. I’m looking for someone who wants to see festivals in foreign countries and understand that it’s something that is both cool and important. I’m looking for someone who understands why I bring my laptop/iPad to the beach to write about my adventures. Someone who sees the beauty in everything.

I’m looking for adventure, not love.

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How and Where the Magic Happens

Dear readers and bloggers,

Have you ever been interested in how someone plans out their blog and where they sit down and write? I always am! 

I have two planners, one for my blog posts and to-dos, and the other one for daily stats of my other blog.

This is my to-do and blog planner. As you can see I have about 8 different colors that I use. Green, red, and purple are for this blog, pink is for quotes I love, orange is for my other blog, dark green and dark pink are my to-do’s. Blue is for planning day (also known as Sunday). 

This is where the magic happens (when I’m not blogging on my phone). I have my computer open to the Bluehost version of WordPress, and my iPad open for distraction ;). I keep both my planners out and my notebook of goals and ideas. Of course my markers stay out too! 

How does your magic come about? 

It Really, Really Hurts

I was having such a great day, it was an awesome day, really. We were just relaxing, lazing around, eating some good food and catching up with friends.

All of the sudden, you showed up and ruined it. I should have expected it, I should have been ready. It always happens this way, and I’m still never prepared. Everyone tells me to watch out for you, and I tell myself, “I’ll be fine, no way will you get to me this time.” I’m wrong.

The marks on my skin are hot to the touch, they’re red, and they’re really killing by mood. Now I have to pick shirts that cover my arms, and my chest slightly resembles a tomato. People see my red face and ask why I’ve been crying.

You’d think by now I might have learned,

If you aren’t careful, you’re gonna get sunburned.

Legend Lake, Keshena, WI

Legend Lake, Keshena, Wi 

PC: Jessica Carlin

The Black Sheep made the trip to Keshena, WI, which is about 8 miles out of Shawno. 

When did you move here?

We moved into the house in 2009. We had the camper in 1992.

What is your favorite part of living here?

The scenery, the weather, and the peace and quiet. The view out of every room in the house is beautiful. When the whole family can come up at one time. 

What is there to do in Keshena?

Shrimp lunch at the War Bonnet on Wednesdays. Going to the casino (grandma is not).

What are your favorite things to do on the lake?

Swim, boat, float. 

Any interesting facts about the lake?

You can take a 7 mile boat ride from one end of the lake to the other. The fish bite nipples and we feed them oatmeal.  There are 7 individual lakes connect by channels that were dug in the 1960s. 
Everyone that we’ve talked to has said they love living up here, and we can only support that opinion. 

With love, 

The Black Sheep